Managed Telecom Services in Los Angeles

Managed telecom services promote smooth business communications. Discover the advantage by gaining insight, vendor management and assistance from experienced, certified administrators, technicians and engineers available 24/7. Compufutura can consolidate telecom operators to a single monthly audited invoice ensuring contracted rates are provided. Compufutura will also manage the Telco operators for new installations, troubleshooting, moves, adds, and changes. Compufutura telecom services, systems, and technical teams reduce the overhead of time, money, and resources required to maintain company-wide telecom services.

The Major Benefits of Managed Telecom Services


24/7 Support

Telecom is more than just your business phone system. It also includes cell phones, fax machines, teleprinters, modems, and more. If anything goes wrong with one of these devices, you can hand the problem off to your managed IT company. That’s time you don’t have to spend on the phone with tech support, looking up answers on Google, or buying and installing new equipment.

Route Callers to the Right Employee

A proactive telecom system will improve your customer service. You can offer callers the ability to get help faster. For example, after they make a call, they can press “1” for accounts & billing,  “2” for sales, and “3” for technical support. A managed IT company will set up your phone system to your specs.

Seamless Compatability With All Devices

Accessing shared data, collaborating on documents, and participating in multimedia conferences on your cell phone is effortless when you have the right managed IT company. Hassle-free telecommunication promotes a more productive work environment. It saves you time, money, and resources. Additionally, it ensures unbroken communication between you and your customers.

Specific Features of Compufutura’s Managed Telecom Services

  • Carrier neutral
  • Hundreds of carriers and thousands of interconnections
  • Consolidation of vendors, one monthly audited invoice
  • Invoice & cost consolidation, auditing
  • Unbiased carrier insight
  • 30+ years enterprise, SMB and wholesale business telecom experience
  • Proactive monitoring, alerts of core ISP devices, network routing, applications, system processes
  • We keep Telcos compliant and contracted pricing audited
  • Tier-1 colocation, data center, and server room management
  • LAN, WAN, network fail-over, routing, reporting
  • Telcom & vendor management
  • Service available for clients all over Los Angeles County.

Compufutura Provides Managed Telecom Services to Businesses in Los Angeles

Compufutura combines all your telecom bills into a single monthly invoice that we audit so you don’t overpay. 24/7 support means you’re always covered in case of an outage. Moreover, we’ll manage updates, troubleshooting, moves, and new installations.