Endpoint Security Services & MDM

Hackers are aggressively targeting businesses of all sizes, and they’re surprisingly successful. 60% of businesses get hacked every year. One reason for this is because Antivirus systems by themselves are no longer enough for businesses.  That’s why more and more companies are turning to endpoint security and MDM. Full suite endpoint security is the easiest and most secure way to protect your business network from unwanted breaches.

Isn’t AntiVirus Enough?

Antivirus software by itself is fine for some consumers. However, businesses are far more desirable targets for hackers. Companies need to consider protection for all devices and the entire network including mobile device management MDM. Endpoint security tightens security around every entry point in your network, making it extremely difficult for hackers to breach your network. It doesn’t just keep hackers out. It also keeps your sensitive data protected. You can stop sensitive files from leaving the network and restrict employee access to specific locations, depending on their authorization level. This is ideal for the modern work atmosphere.endpoint security services los angeles global ITThese days, bringing your own device (BYOD) to work is common. The average employee uses three devices for work, and it’s likely the company’s antivirus isn’t installed on all of them. That’s why endpoint security is the simplest way to secure all your company devices, giving employees flexibility, and keeping the company safe.

The Benefits of Endpoint Security

  • Mobile Device Management (MDM) options
  • Lock and control devices that are lost or stolen
  • Control downloads, installs and applications
  • 30+ years of award-winning security
  • Live Grid, real-time proactive protection
  • Spam filtering levels and options
  • Attachment or program inspection
  • Blacklist lookup
  • Pattern signatures
  • Behavior monitoring
  • High performance, fast, low resource impacting
  • Management administration console
  • Employee monitoring options

Protect Your Computer With Managed IT & MDM

Managed security services are growing in popularity. Over 390,000 new malware samples are reported every day. That’s why many companies outsource endpoint management to a certified group of IT professionals. Detect malware before it reaches your systems with leading proactive monitoring and computer security protection. High protection against malware guaranteed, recognized by IT professionals worldwide. Compufutura provides endpoint security systems for hotels, manufacturers, and other businesses in Los Angeles.