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Recent Design Work

Recent Design Work


What is Web design

A website is the 21st Century’s answer to the brick and mortar store. However, the business and marketing plan is the same. Drive customers to your store, provide a pleasing place to shop, and even linger. Finally, provide ease of purchase.

First, build your store — your website design. A business owner decides the first impression for arriving customers (the landing page); the architecture, colors, (the templates); pictures, signs, décor, (graphics) types of merchandise that receives prime position, (e-commerce shopping cart) with tabs, buttons, and menus (programming) providing a pleasant shopping experience.

Second, all business owners want their customers staying as long as possible. Web designers incorporate user friendly, interesting content in a digitally friendly, esthetically pleasing experience so customers will buy online or contact your business directly.

Graphic Design / Identity / Print

The human mind and eye recognizes symbols, pictures and designs before the written word. Any business wants to attract the customer and be appealing.

Interesting logo designs and name branding are instrumental to enlarge and maintain your customer base. The visual image of your company is its essence.

At our Design Studio, the pictures, images, background colors, tabs, buttons, flash banners, must all be integrated with the back end programming and text formats while still tantalizing the human mind and eye. can also graphically design your brochures, look books or any other traditional forms of printed advertising.

Photography / Illustration for Your Website

Artistic and interesting photographic images capture the human imagination. Web visitor stay longer when your web page has enjoyable, intriguing images. Having pictures taken with the proper resolution and tone to match the rest of your web site design is critical for the best appearance possible.

A professional photographer assigned to a particular criteria obtains the best results. Many business owners use their own photographs, obviously with varying results. The quality of the photographs in your website is a reflection of your business.’s design team also includes photographers working directly with our graphic designers to insure a ‘unified’ web site appearance.

Build Your Dream Website

Programmers are the architects and engineers of your online website and store. They install all the logos, graphics, and text behind the scenes to make your dream website a reality.

In this phase the shopping cart is constructed and your business can participate in the ever profitable world of E-commerce, selling your product or service on line! will integrate your banking and credit card systems into the web page to insure prompt receipt of funds from your customers.

Your new webpage can also be programmed for Android touch screen mobile devices, such as smart phones and computer tablets, and iOS mobile operating systems for Apple products, such as iPhones, iPod Touch and iPad,

How to sell your product / Increase sales / SEO

In the digital age driving customers to your internet web page and e-commerce store means —- Search Engine Optimization, called SEO, the analyzing of words and terms utilized in web searches and appropriately including them in the ever evolving text of your site. To increase traffic to your site offers ongoing web maintenance programs to bring your business the best search engine ranking results. These services include keyword analysis, blog writing, social media posting, and a host of other techniques to create internet ‘chatter’ and traffic to your website. This process is critical as the search engines are always changing the parameters of

E-Commerce / Shopping Carts

21st Century digitized humans are always seeking e-commerce convenience and bargains. Your on-line presence means your business can expand immediately without the additional costs of traditional brick and mortar enterprises. Customer interaction, through email or web site instant messaging increases the efficiencies making a well-developed web site a great long term business investment.

Your business’ shopping cart can contain all the graphics of your product, along with prices, taxes, shipping costs, etc. Your customer will pay directly via credit card or Pay Pal and be promptly paid and be able to ship your products.

Ecommerce programming, and the shopping cart, are usually the most time consuming portion of programming.

Basic Milestones & Payment Schedule for Your Website offers

One year FREE premium hosting

One year FREE Colocation.

We require 50% pre-payment to commence your global presence.

Phase One. first collects your company’s basic information, reviews your logo, past advertising and marketing materials, particularly the written content. Investigation of existing graphics, images, audio and video are also reviewed.

Phase Two How do you visualize your web site? What is appealing about your competitors’ sites? During this phase we work with you to create the core design of home page, template, and backgrounds, as well as the headers, categories, main menu, media buttons, and static pages. We also create the architecture of your web site, including the admin site map, user site map, database structure, back end programming, and media evaluation.

Also, during this phase we design the product listing, product detail, shopping cart, and checkout.

Phase Three As your site is nearing completion is installing your shopping care, with bank account links, including taxes, shipping, order tracking, history, and email notifications

We require the 50% Balance Final Payment at this time.

Phase Four now uploads and test the product samples and media, such as galleries, video and audio, as well as all links, buttons and the back end panel.

Then we launch and your site is …. Live!

We’d Love to Hear from You, — We will be here for at least 20 years!

Compufutura has been in existence for more than 20 years. Unlike some web design and development companies, you know that Compufutura will always be here to help your business grow! Let’s make web magic together.

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